Quilt-Stories grew out of the many improvised make-believe adventures my grandchildren and I went on together, unlocking hidden places, revisiting favorite memories, or leaping into the future. Whether fact or fiction, each story presents my grandchildren and their parents as main characters in a world of simpler times, wholesome fun, and wide-eyed wonder.

Let's open wide the windows of our minds, breathe in the fresh country air, and explore timeless childhood fantasy! "Gramma, Please Tell Us A Story!" welcomes the young and the young-at-heart to an imaginary world complete with articulate animals, valiant voyagers, wild whereabouts, and even a ghastly ghost —all sewn into eight fanciful Quilt-Stories.
"Gramma, Please Tell Us More Stories!" reunites the cast of characters from the first book while introducing several new animal friends for even more surprises. This patchwork of five fanciful adventures—each with a happy ending—promises more excitement for young readers and their families to enjoy together.

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