'Quilt-Stories Lady' Takes Trunk Show on the Road!
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 What  Is  a  Trunk Show?

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Drawing on her experience as a self-published author and seasoned quilter, this mother of four and grandmother of nine looks forward to answering your questions about how to get your creative quilting and writing projects off the ground!

Linda's signature Trunk Show is sure to tickle imaginations while encouraging your guild's/club's members, school children and library patrons to get started on a projects that brings two or more art forms together.  Every presentation is customized around your group's interests and curiosity.  For the young and the young-at-heart... several topics are available for all ages and stages!

Whether it's sewing, quilting, writing, scrapbooking, gardening, baking or drawing—Linda is overflowing with ideas to inspire you and your group to create something either independently or collectively.  Combine forms of artistic expression with and for the people, places or things you love!

Join the creative conversation today!  Start by calling or writing Linda Brodine for more information about how her signature Trunk Show can help awaken the creativity in your guild, club or classroom!

For more Trunk Show information,call 630-209-5019 or e-mail linda@quilt-stories.com